How to Speak Hip

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Introduction (hipintro.mp3)
Basic Hip (dig.mp3)
Vocabulary Building (vocabulary.mp3)
The Loose Wig (loosewig.mp3)
The Riff Pt 1 (riffpt1.mp3)
The Riff Pt 2 (riffpt2.mp3)
The Riff Pt 3 (riffpt3.mp3)
The Hang Up (hangup.mp3)
Put On, Put Down, Come On, Come Down, Bring Down (puton-total.mp3)
Cool (cool.mp3)
Uncool (uncool.mp3)
Field Trip Pt 1 (actionpt1.mp3)
Field Trip Pt 2 (actionpt2.mp3)
Field Trip Pt 3 (actionpt3.mp3)
Conclusion (end.mp3)

Please be patient (for about 5 seconds) while the audio loads.

Breathe. Prepare. Enjoy.

"How to Speak Hip" used with the permission of Del Close (may he rest in peace).

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